Greenwich Environmental

Principal markets

We consult on remediation projects and provide waste management services both for government contracts as well as clients in the private sector.

For government contracts, we can draw from extensive experience in FUSRAP and Superfund projects, and are familiar with all important EPA, DOE and USACE regulations and procedures, to ensure our clients will fully comply in a cost- and time-efficient manner.

While private sector toxic waste sites and industrial contamination are not as sensitive to electoral cycles and government funding, the EPA plays an active role in the mandate for remedial action and the Army Corps of Engineers is involved in the project contracting and oversight. For clients in the private sector, selecting a supplier that can deliver the most cost-effective solution while complying with government directives is key. As we have a competitive overhead and maximum flexibility, Greenwich Environmental can offer best rates for tailor made solutions in all phases of the project.

Subcontracting and partnering opportunities

To meet the complex requirement of most environmental remediation projects, we are always looking to expand our network and we are seeking business liaison opportunities with interested partners to put a job-specific proposal together. We are primarily looking to team with businesses in complementary competencies such as engineering, drilling, transportation as well as offsite lab services and waste disposal. (NAIC code 562910 Remediation Services).

Greenwich Environmental