Greenwich Environmental

Business background and objectives

Greenwich Environmental consists of an ambitious team of seasoned professionals providing environmental health and safety consultancy and remediation services. We are grown from a core expertise in radiological (sub) surface investigation, gamma spectroscopy and non-destructive  analysis. We can also offer a host of other support services such as HP/IH technical support and oversight, (mobile) lab support, instrumentation rental and MARSSIM (final) surveys to name a few. While our main expertise lies in soil, we also have capabilities to deal with (subsurface) water and air contamination.

Our technical people are second to none and bring to the table an extensive radiological network. During their 20-30 plus years of experience on a wide variety of contracts they have acquired a profound technical expertise while gaining invaluable insight into the process and contract structure that underlie government bids. Principal technical advisor is David Lawrence,  who has built an enviable reputation with many providers in the industry, established important EPA liaisons and is very familiar with compliance requirements from the DOE and the US Army Corps of Engineers. Our widely regarded professional network with specialized knowledge is our most valuable asset to tackle any challenges and new projects in the environmental remediation field.

Greenwich Environmental's founder and CEO is Anne Lawrence. Anne is an entrepreneur and business woman with a Masters of Science degree and stellar acumen to facilitate business liaisons, contract and project management and to provide the financial and structural backbone of the company.

As a small emerging company we understand the need to earn our credentials.  We are smart and flexible, providing the highest quality of services by ensuring technical excellence, cost efficiency and the utilization of state-of-the art equipment.  We put our client relationships first and are deeply respecfull of our stewardship of the natural environment. Safety and our employees' health is an integral part of our culture.

Being a small, woman owned business, we are poised to deliver our promise under the government stimulus packages for environmental clean-ups, ARRA and other opportunities. We are also an ideal partner for larger companies to compliment their team with our specialized skills or who are seeking qualifying subcontractors  for small companies' set asides.

Greenwich Environmental