Greenwich Environmental

Scope of business

Our core business is Environmental Consultancy and Radiological Services in all phases of a project, from pre-task planning to remedial action to verification. (NAIC code 541620).

Phase 1: Planning

Site Characterization: we offer technical surveys and consultancy services for planning and executing soil sample analysis and data acquisition to determine the extend and depth of contamination.

Remedial Action Plan: We can provide site remediation consulting such as field investigation and historical analysis of type of contamination, develop project guidelines for remedial action and help in the pre-task planning including advising on technical, health and safety procedures and requirements. We understand the rigorous requirements that a facility must meet to conduct an efficient, top-quality radiological protection program. We can provide critical insight to help you write a remedial action plan, as well as quality assurance training and health physics assistance for OSHA, MARSSIMís, and state and federal compliance.

Phase 2 : Remedial Action

On-site Radiological Analysis and field services. HP/IH Technician Support.

We can provide onsite radiological soil sample analysis, radiological and Industrial Hygiene support for subsurface sampling operations, operation and maintenance of air sampling and personnel monitoring equipment, and collecting and shipping of soil samples for offsite lab analysis.


If you are looking to expand your instrumentation base or need to develop tailor-made (field) laboratory services in-house, we can provide assistance with planning, training, operation and calibration.

On-site Safety and Health Management.

We provide Health Physics Training and HP/IH Technician Support

Project Management.

We can provide management services and project-oversight for projects large and small.

Phase 3: Final Verification

Verification and documentation compliance. We are an excellent partner or independent third-party contractor to provide final verification and final status surveys after the remedial action is complete.

Greenwich Environmental