Greenwich Environmental


Network and personal connections. We are proud of our most valuable asset: a network of key players in the environmental field. We use our active, immediate network when finding leads, writing proposals or fulfilling contracts. When you hire Greenwich Environmental, you hire a coordinated team of professionals that can meet the toughest requirements of any client.

State-of-the-art technology. We are technology driven in providing client solutions and we can supply, calibrate and run a variety of detection equipment onsite. While we have a core of software and instrumentation in-house, we will lease the additional equipment for each specific project, thus ensuring the most cutting edge technical solutions for each job. As we have no affiliation with any one software provider, we can make objective choices that offer the most cost effective results.

Quality Control Procedures. We adhere to the most stringent industry standards and for each project we will produce a detailed health and safety practices manual. As part of our quality assurance program we perform regular audits to ensure all procedures are followed and all activities are in compliance. We provide regular training to ensure up-to-date technical knowledge of our technicians as well as meeting OSHA certification requirements.

8a certification. 8a certification is the "golden apple" of small business programs for qualification as a partner for government contracts. It opens the most doors and provides opportunities like sole source awards, set asides and preferential treatment in contracting. As a woman owned small business, we are presently working with the SBA (Small Business Agency) towards achieving this status.

Greenwich Environmental