Greenwich Environmental

Greenwich Environmental in a nutshell

Greenwich Environmental is a small, woman owned emerging business in Environmental Consultancy and Radiological Services, incorporated in NY State. We have the critical capabilities in-house to successfully manage both government contracts as well as projects for clients in the private sector and we can draw from an established personal network built through over 20 years of professional experience in the environmental remediation field.

We are innovative, intelligent and client-driven, offering ‘best practice’ at competitive rates.

What can we do for you?

We recognize how every remediation project is unique and has site specific needs. ‘Site characterization’ is a key service we can provide to determine the levels of the contamination and the complexity of the job. We can also advise on the next step: helping our clients to design a remediation plan and determine the best course of action – including technological solutions and management and training of field personnel. For on-site radiological services we can offer a selection of state-of the art of instrumentation and software as well as top professional technicians. Last but not least, we can also provide independent final verification services after a remedial action program is completed.

While we are a for-profit corporation, we are proud to be working to better our planet and it is our mission to deliver clean, no-waste solutions for our clients.

Greenwich Environmental